Migration problem - from on-premise to Exchange Online

Migration problem - from on-premise to Exchange Online
When I start this migration - Exchange ask for the endpoint - what of endpoint is necessary  fill  ?
I fill our FQDN   , but after this I receive information, that connection to  this FQDN cannot  to complete

How can I test this FQDN or how can I create this endpoint ?

Jaroslav Jasek
Jaroslav JasekCEOAsked:
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I don't have an answer to your specific question but I will say one thing ... SkyKick (https://www.skykick.com/migrate/migrate-exchange-to-office-365). If you want to lessen your hassles with this kind of migration and SkyKick fits your situation, use SkyKick. The money is WELL WORTH IT!
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Here are a couple of things you can try...

  1. Run IISRESET on each Exchange server
  2. Restart each Exchange server
  3. Ensure port 80 and 443 are open to the Exchange server you configured for hybrid from outside of your environment

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Vidit BhardwajAdminCommented:
These Endpoint s are important because you will be using them for migrating the mailbox with MRSproxy so you need to make sure you have MRSproxy enabled on hybrid server so make sure this FQDN points to your CAS servers where you have MRSproxy enabled
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Jaroslav JasekCEOAuthor Commented:
Hello Todd,

I try all your steps  1 - 2
But please explain me more, how can I check third  - Ensure port 80 and 443 are open to the Exchange server you configured for hybrid from outside of your environment ?
Kurt JohnsonTechnical ManagerCommented:
I will suggest you to follow Exchange server deployment assistant available from Microsoft team.
It asks few questions about your current environment and provides step by step details by checking all necessary prerequisites.
You can obtained more information at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dn756393.aspx
Moreover, in case if you wish to automate users mailbox migration, you may try using Shoviv exchange manager which should be an ideal solution to accomplish this task in hassle-free manner.
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
You can use telnet from an external machine or a port scan tool.

Jaroslav JasekCEOAuthor Commented:
Hi Todd,

Thanks for the info  -  port 443 is open to Exchange server.
80 no. Is necessary also 80  ?
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
80 is not necessary.

Here are the ports required for hybrid ... https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh534377(v=exchg.160).aspx
Jaroslav JasekCEOAuthor Commented:
Now I have last problem  -  how can I test the endpoint  ?
This is now the problem  - when I start the migration any mailbox  - that endpoint is inaccessible
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Sufficient information provided for solution.
Jaroslav JasekCEOAuthor Commented:
Have somebody  any next info to the solution ?
Because all, what was to my problem before send - dont help me :-(

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