Adding another condition to VBA code "Case"

Hello everybody,

When I add another condition to the code it gives a fulse result
Case "Buy"

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Case "Buy", "Achat", "Souscription"

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And also
Case "Sell"

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Case "Sell", "Vente", "Rachat"

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it gives a fulse reslut

Thank you for helping me
Adil KhAsked:
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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Could it be case sensitive?  Make sure you're using option compare text.
Bill PrewCommented:
Please share the full statement involved, hard to tell from just one piece of a case statement what the problem is...

Adil KhAuthor Commented:
The problem was just in the formula I should have add the creteria in the formula Cells "L9" IF(or(E9="Vente";E9="Rachat"...

That was the problem

Thanks for helping
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