FM - Can You Put Wildcards in the Calculation Box?

Trying to separate out addresses and cities that have been placed in the same field with only a space to separate them.  I've captured many street abbreviations, but how would I capture the address for something like 100 Hwy 16 Los Angeles?  I attempted to put a Find wildcard of ** like you see below to capture a two-digit number, but it didn't work.  Are there any wildcards that can be used in a calculation field?

PatternCount ( SuperMarketsList::Address; "Hwy ") = 1;
Left ( SuperMarketsList::Address ; Position ( SuperMarketsList::Address ; "Hwy ** "; "" ; 1 ) + 2 ) ;
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you could try to wordcount untill 'Hwy' + 1 word
that would give something like:
LeftWords ( address; WordCount ( Left(address;Position(address;"Hwy";1;1))) +1 )
Will LovingPresidentCommented:
If you have the city in another field or can derive it using a zipcode lookup table, you can create a calculation along the lines of:

Substitute( AddressAndCity ; Zipcode::City ; "" )
rvfowler2Author Commented:
Thanks, those were both helpful, I'll look into it, but I guess the answer to my question was that there aren't wildcards in the calc box the way their are in Find.
indeed, no wildcard in calcs...
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