Mutliple SSID, DHCP and VLAN issue


I wish to deploy a dozen wifi points plus 6 hard wired points.
Hardwired points will access to a 192.168.20. subnet
Wifi will have 2 SSIDS - guest and office.
Guest will be 192.168.1 subnet and office will be 192.168.20 subnet as hard wired
Guest ought not to be able to speak to Office subnet

Each of the subnets will then be routed to one of 2 broadband lines where differnet restrictions will apply.
Budget is constrained so I plan on using  Ubiquiti AC Lite APs and a used draytek 2860 router .

Looking for advice on the sensibility of this approach. Or alternatives.

Many thanks in advance
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Sandeep GuptaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Your assumptions are fine, you can choose two VLAN ids and add those IP subnets to vlans, assign each vlan to its respective SSID.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Cheers. Is the equipment choice suitable?
Anyone got other suggestions?
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
for less investment equipment is fine.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Going to run with this
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