Delay connecting to Remote Desktop Server 2012 R2 from Windows CE hand-held terminal

We have a number of new hand-held terminals running Windows CE.  These are used to connect to a Windows Server 2012 R2 by Remote Desktop.

The problem is that there is a long delay (up to 30 seconds) while the client displays "Connecting...".  Once connected though, it works fine.

The terminals have no Internet access, and IP addresses assigned by a local router.  The RDP connection uses the IP address of the server.

If using Windows computer, the session connects immediately, so we think it is a compatibility issue with the terminals.  Oddly though, we have the same model of terminal at other sites, also connecting to Server 2012 R2 - and these have no problem.

What settings must we change to avoid this delay connecting?
David HaycoxAsked:
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I wonder if the timeout is due to to failing to reach a CRL for the certificate on the RDS server.
David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
It turns out that while a DNS server was assigned to the terminals by DHCP, there was no access through the firewall to the DNS server.  Once we permitted access, the problem was solved.  So it's possible, if not likely, that it is indeed because of being unable to reach a Certificate Revocation List.  Thanks!
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