Office 365 and NT account?

I don't know anything about Office 365. I'm a new developer at my current job. This is what they're going to do...

My manager says we have NT accounts and we're going to Office 365 but everything will break we don't use AD accounts. Some of our apps use NT accounts.

He says maybe we need to integrate Azure AD accounts into our own AD accounts. For example, we use a username (NT account) so we'd need to translate NT to Azure NT account.

Where can I find more info about this? what needs to be done? thanks for any help.
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Kevin StanushConnect With a Mentor Application DeveloperCommented:
I think you need to get more information about this, or stay away from the project.  You need more information, because at this point you are using second hand information that might not be accurate.  The term 'NT' can mean a lot of things.  It could mean Windows NT, which is really, (really) outdated, or it could even mean local/non-networked computers, as they use the same architecture internally as Windows NT, but not usually referred to that way.  This information is too vague for a response from me, and any offers to help are just going to be making assumptions.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Kevin. I think I need to stay away from it. I'm not a networking person. I'm a developer.

If I get more info, I'll post.
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