Restful Api Generator / Creation Tool Needed

I am looking for some flexible, opensource software that I can use to create restful api backends. So basically I want to create a database and then connect this software to it and have it create an api backend.
Can anyone recommend any software for this?
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Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On all the tables in your DB or just some of them. Are there related tables?

How are you going to be passing data to the tables - will it be all fields or just some of them. The effort required to write an API to do simple CRUD is very straight forward.

A simple google search should find what is out there.

For example - I came across this one
Julian HansenCommented:
Have a look at ApiGility

They provide an out of the box solution for generating custom API's that are fully customisable and include documentation.
error2013Author Commented:
I've checked that one out but what I'm looking for is something that just needs pointing to the database and will generate the api code. Also I want to host it myself.

The idea is that I can spend my coding time creating the frontend, which talks with the api that's been created from the database / tables.
Julian HansenCommented:
How will it generate the API code - to do what - how is it supposed to know what you want to do in your API?
error2013Author Commented:
Just CRUD operations
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