Roaming Profiles vs. User Profile Disks

I'm looking for some feedback on utilising User Profile Disks as opposed to roaming profiles in my environment. It seems that UPD's would mitigate a lot of profile sync issues with roaming profiles, but I have heard of problems with them due to a break in the network connection between the user/workstation and the server hosting the UPD's. Can anyone offer some advice or share your experiences with UPD's? I would like to avoid potential headaches with UPD's as it seems, already, that the migration of my current userbase is going to be a nightmare.

Bonus Question: Is there a GPO that I can enable to allow for a hassle-free user migration from Roaming Profiles to User Profile Disks?
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I mean UPD is feature of virtual desktop solution (pooled desktop collection) and can't be used under rds terminal server environment
Currently you are using folder redirection and *terminal server profiles* which is again different from roaming profiles
UPD can't replace these profile as well, in short you cannot use UPD Unless you use virtualized pooled desktop collection where u have client image ( windows 7 / 8 / 10) and generating VDI machines from that image (pooled or session based desktops)
There is no relation between roaming profile and upd
Upd's are specific to rds virtualization platform and roaming profiles are used in normal day to day work
Do u have rds virtualized environment already setup or want to setup? Then only u can setup upd
And roaming profiles r there for local user login on there workstations
Upd are something like terminal server profile with separated on network location
There won't be any relation
Upd cannot replace roaming profile
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
We have a virtualised RDS environment consisting of 3 terminal servers in a single collection. You are not forced to use UPD's, so we are using Roaming Profiles/Folder Redirection to handle users data between servers. Our users connect to one of these three servers, and a local profile is created from the roaming profile and caches back on logoff.

We do not use UPD's. We are considering doing so, but I wanted to know if anyone had some insights into whether or not it works well or does it have its own set of problems.
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