Upload photos from Google Drive without downloading them on my computer.

I want to upload photos on social media from my Google Drive account without having to download these photos on my computer first. Is there a way to do this?
Kat DoneganUX/UI DesignerAsked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
Unless the ability is built into whatever program you are using to post to the FB, twitter etc, then it can't be done unless you develop your own system that uses the google api to grab the photo from drive ... then posts to fb/twitter etc using their api.

However, if you have not done so already,  download the new drive client, Drive File Stream.  https://www.google.com/drive/download/   The new client will look like it is an attached thumb drive assigning a drive letter.   This should allow you to upload to social media just as if it was on your hard drive.
Kat DoneganUX/UI DesignerAuthor Commented:
It looks like Drive File Stream is for business accounts and I am only an individual user. I suppose this isn't at all possible. Thanks for helping!
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
open google drive and select the photo you want to post

click on the share icon in the top menu (looks like a paperclip)

click on Share settings and copy the link

post link in a new post on facebook, twitter or whatever

on your computer, you can always install Google Drive which installs a new folder (Google Drive) in your personal as well as an app to synchronize Google Drive online with Google Drive on your PC...
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Kat DoneganUX/UI DesignerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul. However, I'm looking to upload from the drive; not share within the drive. I do have the drive uploaded on my computer but I was looking for ways to not have to do that in the future.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I think you can do the same with Microsoft One Drive even for personal. Google copies MS on attaching what is in the cloud as a drive.
you can utilise google api if this drive is shared with you then you use your api key to manipulate the file.
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