Is there a way to tunnel over AWS direct connect?

Is there a means of creating a GRE or IPSec tunnel over a Direct Connect connection between
AWS and a corporate network?
amigan_99Network EngineerAsked:
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Direct Connect for AWS is a service provided by AWS partners, so you can have a local and reliable private connection between your on premise network and the partner. The partner then takes care of the heavy lifting to manage the connection with AWS.
The details of your connection to the DirectConnect local provider must be decided between you and the partner. Some will support GRE, some will support MPLS, some will support IPSec.
Find a local partner and talk with them.
Prabhin MPEngineer-TechOPSCommented:
you can setup IPSEC VPN in VPC configuration between corp and AWS VPC
Prabhin MPEngineer-TechOPSCommented:
as per your infra/Network traffic you need to choose either Direct connect or  VPN.

If you don't have much private traffic to AWS then go for IPSEC VPN, which costs low as compared with Direct Connnect
amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Do you know of any specifically that offer GRE? We currently have Zayo and Level 3 with BGP.
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