Switch configuration for wireless access points

I'm attempting to set up new wireless access points. On my Aruba 2930M stacked switches, I have the two access points plugged into ports 2/36 and 2/37.
Both access points are wired, and powered on with tested connections. But they don't show up on my wireless controller.

Vlan1 is my legacy data, Vlan3 is my guest wifi, vlan5 is my access point management, and vlan10 is my secure wifi.
My trunks come in and out on ports 1/48 and 2/48 and the switch it comes from has wifi enabled and working.

I've tried several different configurations, but right now I have 2/36 & 2/37 untagged on vlan10.
I originally tried untagging both 2/36 and 2/37 on vlan1 and tagging them on vlan3, 5, and 10.

I'm very new to switch configs. Not sure how to proceed or what may be wrong with the config. Any help will be appreciated.
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If your AP management is VLAN 5, then why are you trying to use VLAN 1 (data) and VLAN 10 (house wifi)?

Your APs should be talking to a DHCP server on the controller in it's own VLAN.  DHCP is limited by broadcast domain....so anything outside the controller's VLAN will not get an IP address assigned.

Set native VLAN to 5, and the APs should be able to talk to the controller.  That's assuming the controller's management interface is in VLAN 5 on the same switch or trunked properly across Layer 2.
Your APs need to be on VLAN 5 with your controller. The ports for them and the controller should be VLAN3 untagged, VLAN5 untagged, VLAN10 tagged.

That way, the access points will get their addresses from VLAN5, and as long as you've configured the wireless networks to use VLAN3 (guest) and VLAN10 (secure), users will end up there when they connect.
Which access points and controller?
Is DHCP configuration option configured (to point to your WLAN controller, for Cisco it is option 43 hex) and ip helper-addresses configured on SVI (if DHCP server is configured in different VLAN)???
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JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
I have my access points plugged into 2/36 and 2/37.
I have them both untagged on Vlan5 which is my access point management controller, and tagged only on my secure wireless vlan10, and guest wireless vlan3.
This stacked switch is connected to our main switch through 1/48 and unto the next switch with 2/48, and all other ports are working on this switch, and wireless is working on the main switch, and the next switch.
Both access points are lit on the switch ports, and both access points lights show that they are powered on.
But the Aruba virtual controller is not seeing them. We have 9 APs that it does see, and people are able to use them.
Are there other PoE devices on the switch? And are those functioning properly? Also might want to make sure there's enough power for all of the connected devices.
JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
Yes, all PoE are working fine, and there's enough power for all.  All of our switches are new Arubas. I'm thinking there has to be a way to configure these access points, but not finding any helpful information online. I just want to add them to the existing controller and group. The controller is not detecting them.
You didn't say if the AP's switch is connected to the controller's switch with a trunk?  They have to be trunked with multiple VLANs.  Are you using VTP, MVRP, or GVRP to get the VLANs consistent on all switches?  You can still manage VLANs manually at each switch...but both switches of AP and controller must have VLAN 5 on the trunk in order to get the DHCP address.
JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's using a trunk. Both switches have vlan5 on the trunk.
JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
Can someone explain Trunks a little bit, please? I'm not sure if the switch is using the correct trunk.
JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
A closer look at this switch, shows it doesn't have a Trunk. The main switch, that this one is attached to, has Trk 1-3. Another switch that is attached to the main switch (and wireless works on this one), has trk 1 and 5. They all have GVRP disabled. Everything else works on this switch except VLAN 5 and 10 which are the wireless VLANs. VLAN 5 is the management and VLAN 10 is the secure wireless. There are several switches connected to the main switch and to each other. I'm not sure if I've explained it better, or made it worse.
You need to carry VLAN 5 over all the trunks.  GVRP (and VTP) makes this easier by declaring a server/client, where the clients copy down the VLAN database from a server.

Without VLAN management, you may have different VLAN names...but the switches don't care.  If it's tagged for VLAN 5, it will deliver it to VLANN 5 on the other side of the trunk.

Where any of this breaks is when trunks are specified to limit VLANs.  Whoever setup that trunk did not add VLAN 5.  So...add it to the trunk.

Any plain trunk will carry all VLANs by default.  So, unless you have a need to limit the VLANs between switches, you can stop using the limiting features.  Some people want to limit VLANs so that a VLAN for internet connections won't propagate to a switch in a closet....then somebody accidentally or maliciously connects directly to the internet.  For those situations, you need to remove administrative controls from anyone who doesn't know how to manage a switch.

Does that help?

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JuneaucountyAuthor Commented:
Yes, that helps, and the wireless access points are now working. Thank you very much.
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