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We have two wifi networks at our house and the one we use as back up has somehow become the default, and randomly takes over throughout the day. Besides physically unplugging it, what is the best way to prevent this from continuing?
Randal RedbergEE Managing MemberAsked:
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Does the networks share the same name & password?

if not you can tell the devices to forget it, and then reconnect and opt not to connect automatically.

Then you will have the name & passwork stored on the device, and you can connect manually whenever you need/like.
Randal RedbergEE Managing MemberAuthor Commented:
No they do not share the same name and password.
So you can act as I advised - set your devices not to connect automatically to the backuup network.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
The other option is to give both signals the same SSID and passphrase and let the devices decide which one to link up with at any time.
This makes troubleshooting a bit harder but can be a delight for the users as they never "switch" as far as they're concerned.
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