usability of modern browsers

I know we can do lot more these days with modern browsers today. debug javascript, write data to console
Do they keep track of how long it takes to load the page or how long it takes to upload/download a document from the server and such.
can any of that used to test performance of the site, not necessarily load testing, just to see how long it takes for the site to load or see the response time?
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google Chrome:

Right-Click > Inspect
Click Menu (3 vertical dots in upper right of Window) > More Tools > Developer Tools.

This should load a new pane either below the current page or to the right or left.  You can change where this shows by clicking the 3 vertical dots at the upper right of this pane > Settings > Dock Side.

The pane will have column headers that work like tabs.  It will probably have loaded by default to show the "Elements".  Click the "Performance" header.

Click the "Reload" icon or Ctrl + Shift + E to reload the page and record the page load.
Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes they do - they have very advanced tools for telling you what is going on with the page

In this case, the console is your friend (F12)

In the console there is a Network tab. Open this and then reload the page. You will get a very detailed list of very request to the server,
how long it took to start downloading,
how long it took to download,
you can click on each of the requests and in the right pane view hte
   Request headers
   Response headers
   Parameters submitted
   Response sent (both Raw and interpreted [JSON])

If the page uses AJAX you can view these requests as well.

At the bottom of the network tab you will get summary information, how many requests, total download size, total download time.
Thank you novice programmer
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