Adjust an indirect formula so that it references a column

I have got an indirect formula set up to reference entries in a sheet with a dropdown. So far so good. I now want to be able to also refine these entries by referencing a column heading with a dropdown. I *know* this data isn't normalised but this format is familiar to the users and this is what they want so I've got to roll with that.
On the Dashboard sheet in cell A15, I have an indirect function that references an entry in a specified cell in that worksheet. I also have a dropdown that references a heading (date) in that sheet. How can I modify this formula so that it references both the entry from the dropdown AND the date i.e. that when someone picks a date e.g. someone chooses All from the dropdown and 1/1/2018 from the date dropdown it returns 6 i.e. BR4 in the All sheet. If I choose 8/1/2018 from the dropdown it will return 4. Have played around with index/match and so far not working...thank you :-)
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pls tryand fill right

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if all the tables are the same then try

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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
Is the data you want to pull from each sheet always in the range BR4:DR4?
agwalshAuthor Commented:
@Norie - that will be the plan. Everything except the data entry areas under the date locked down.
agwalshAuthor Commented:
Allowed me to pull in a reference from another sheet based on the type of absenteeism and a date (from two dropdowns). Very impressed.
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