How to re-sync OneNote 2016 notebooks in the cloud after they were deleted?

I have a user who is an avid user of OneNote with our company Office365 subscription.  I am not a big OneNote user so I am a little unclear on how the syncing of Notebooks happens.  The issue is, his are not syncing and only seem to be local.  We are not sure what happened... he had them on OneDrive for Business , 'cleaned up' his OneDrive and somehow (i have concluded) deleted these notebooks.

OK, so he still has his local copies, but they are not syncing to anything anymore.  

All I want to do is to basically take a current copy of his local notebooks and put them back up on his OneDrive and then re-start the sync to them again.   However, this is where my inexperience with OneNote comes in because I guess notebook files are a different animal than an excel file or a word file as  I cant seem to figure out how to make a copy of the local notebook, save it on OneDrive, and then point the local copy to it to begin syncing.... as easy as that would seem to be- apparently it is not.

Can anyone assist?

Thank you!
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Kathy JacobsSocial media geekCommented:
What you want to do is relocate the notebook. It's pretty simple, but quite hidden.

Step one: Right click the notebook name and select "Properties"

Step two: Click the "Change location" button. This will bring up a Windows Explorer window where you can select the new location for the notebook. (In your case, the employee's OneDrive.)

Notebooks in OneNote are given a folder with the sections as individual files inside that folder. So in step two what you are doing is to create the new folder for the notebook and setting up the sync to that location.

(Screenshot attached showing how to get to "Change location". )

Let me know if you have questions about this!
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