Need recommendations for hand held scanner that I can use 5250 emulation for connectivity to AS400 or iSeries.

Kevin Caldwell
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Needing recommendations for hand held scanners that I can do 5250 emulation.  I am doing a scanning project for a warehouse and we have an AS400/iSeries.  The scanner needs to be able to run 5250 emulation.  I have used the Motorola MC9190 scanners in the past.  They work very well, but are very expensive.  There are other options for those like refurbed ones.  Also there is the MC9090 scanner.   Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Barcode scanners come in a wide range of capabilities and price points.  Hard to make a recommendation without understanding what features you need, and how the barcode readers are going to be used.  For example:

Screen size requirements?
Scanning distance?
WiFi network protocol support is required?
1D / 2D / QR barcodes?  What formats?
Harsh environment?
Forklift attachment?
Expected hours of service between charges?
New / used / refurb?
OS preferences/requirements?
Form factor requirements (gun, wearable, phone/tablet sled, etc)?

Once you've made your list of requirements and preferences, you can start narrowing down the list of equipment - then you can shop for the best price.  Bear in mind that mostly just high-end scanners that come with 5250 built in.  But you can add inexpensive 5250 emulation software to most scanners that operate on common OSes.

For example, I've used Mochasoft's tools in a lot of environments.  Good functionality, coverage for lots of platforms, reasonable pricing, trial versions available, and very inexpensive enterprise licenses if you need multiple copies:
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The question was rather vague.  I am working towards either the Motorola MC9190 devices or the new Zebra devices that will emulate with a program called Velocity, which is off a droid platform.    Thanks for the help.

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