how to add a new server to dfs namespace and remove an old one in one move

Scenario. I have a server that hosts files and it has a DFS namespace, but I want to retire that server and have a new one ready.
Can I just copy over the files (robocopy) and add the new server to the existing DFS namespace without turning on replication and then immediately remove the old server from the namespace since the files now exist on both servers OR do I have to turn on replication even though I am not using DFS to replicate the files and the namespace will be on 1 server only once I remove the old ones o it will have nothing to replicate with.
Laszlo DenesAsked:
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Tom CieslikConnect With a Mentor IT EngineerCommented:
If you don't need replication working I would do this steps:

Robocopy all files to new server
Rename Old server, change IP
Rename new server to using old server name and old server IP

All should work correctly.
Laszlo DenesAuthor Commented:
not an option... I asked the scenario because that is what I must do... renaming is not an option as the old server continues to do other stuff
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You've said you need to RETIRE this server. That's why I've told you what I would do.
If you can't rename server just make sure that people not using server name in mapped drives. If they do You must reconnect them to new server.
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