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Inserting CDATA in xml node

I have an existing xml file and I want to be able to add data but with the <![CDATA[ somedata ]]> into the node wwhen I try i just get :   &lt;![CDATA[mystring]]&gt;.

try many things but so far fail

that what I use

                        If n1.Name = "name" Then

                            Dim MyXMLNode As XmlNode = n1.SelectSingleNode("ldm1")
                            'If we have the node let's change the text
                            If MyXMLNode IsNot Nothing Then
                                Dim strtxt As String = "<![CDATA[" & strtxtPlats & "]]>"
                                 ' CData = myXmlDocument.CreateCDataSection (strtxtPlats)
                                MyXMLNode.InnerText =strtxt

                            End If

1 Solution
hiramlightAuthor Commented:
Ok , I find the solution, I will post it as it may help other.

it i so simple thaat i miss it ...

all I need it to do was to replace .

   MyXMLNode.InnerText =strtxt


 MyXMLNode.InnerXml =strtxt

"innerxml"  will format the node in the correct CDATA format .

result : <ldm1><![CDATA[testing cdata formating in node]]></ldm1>

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