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Stephen Forlance
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Does anyone know of good software design application? Something I could use to visualize the logic of my php scripts before coding?
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All website only show  how to work but they don`t show you
how it work
if you want to see a software  demo so visit some website like      This is inoerp which have more thing for your logic it have HR module and etc

Thank You


Morgan, thanks for your reply but it doesn't make much sense.

I'm looking for some sort of visual software that I could use to map out the flow of a script, just very quickly, so then I would follow that Schema writing actual code
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Personally I use to visualize the flow - it does not have any scripting links but it does allow me to show the flow and interactions that I can there share with the role players and talk over.

There are wire frame tools out there - I personally haven't used them - I prefer to wireframe in code. Write the shells of the functions and classes - test them good testing methodology. Use API testers (Postman and my own homegrown version) to ensure endpoints work.

For visual I use libraries that handle a lot of the UI for me (Bootstrap, Material).

I am not convinced there is one tool that will do all of these as well as I would want. They seem to be more for those that don't have a lot of experience. When have been coding a while you build up boilerplates, snippets, tools, scaffolding scripts that do the repetitive stuff for you. The prototyping then parallels the coding process - which in combination with a good visualisation is the perfect fit for me - but I can't speak for all developers.
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This is very subjective, as it depends on your 'style' of planning.

  • Project/task/bug management software
  • Flowchart or even Photo editing software (to sketch out your plan)
  • The good ol' pencil and piece paper/napkin method
  • etc.

Evalute what your goals are and connect the dots.

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