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Mac and Windows report HUGE free space difference on USB DAS?

Stepping in to help a new client that lost their IT person in a tragic car accident. Sad.

That being said, I'm faced with multiple issues. One that is weird (and Mac related I think - not my forte) :

They have a Drobo device (Direct Attached Storage (DAS) via USB). It has (4) 1TB drives running RAID 1 (I think - not sure how Drobo works) - about 2.5TB of usable space. The Drobo reports that it is almost full.
However, a Mac user on the network says that they have tons of space free (14.92 of 17.57TB??)

We both see the same shared folder - any idea why there is such a HUGE difference in what we see?
I did a quick look at the Drobo and did not see anything like thin provisioning, etc.
Just trying to get my head around their entire network, etc. so I don't have much to go on or to offer. Just hoping a Mac person could shed some light on what they think they see as so much disk space - and what I see - almost out of space!

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