Need fast database for Android-based mobile device apps

I use SQL Server CE for my legacy apps that run on Windows CE-based mobile computers such as scanners, and I make heavy use of indexes for my tables, to keep the performance high.

Now I am having to get outside help to rewrite my apps for newer mobile devices running the Android OS.  Database performance is poor in some cases.  Today the developer revealed that he uses SQL Lite, and he says it has no support for indexing--meaning that the new app is often (slowly) reading through every record in the local database.   He says there is nothing he can use that supports indexes--like my good 'ol legacy apps do.

I'm not convinced.  I need to know if there are alternatives to SQL Lite that support indexing--just like my SQL Server CE does.  Even if it is not free, I want to consider it, so I can get my database tables running just as fast in my new Android-based app as they did for my legacy app that was designed ten years ago.  TIA
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Chris HarteThaumaturgeCommented:
no support for indexing
Sounds like you need a new developer. Here is a tutorial on how to use indices in SQLite.

The SQLite documentation page also has lots to say about them.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
i haven't dealt with Sqlite but i am pretty sure there is  missing part of in the story regarding the developer and sqlite indexes...
Lalit KumarAndroid DeveloperCommented:
Hey  @john alternative of Sq-lite is realm . I think you need to use realm database for you Android native app . Please check this link here you find efficiently use of realm database .

Realm database is 10 times faster than sql-lite database.
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