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I going to register the domain name as is there a difference for

Which hosting company better than godaddy

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What do you mean as the "difference"?

The two domain name is definitely different and both will require separate domain registration.  If you want both and then you will need to register both to ensure no one else takes it.

I have dealt with GoDaddy, not the cheapest but good service.  I am happy with them.
alanlam123Author Commented:
To clarify I heard that  I might encounter an issue, if the domain name is

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
'-' (dash) should not be a problem for DNS, '_' (underline) WILL be troublesome. It was a forbidden character according to the standards, Microsft introduced it for SRV records...  so on site YMMV, on the internet ... be prepared for trouble.
(From a DNS perspective)... oh. btw, the DNS system is case insensitive... EXAMPLE.COM, are all equal....
When choosing a domain name you want it to be something that people will be able to remember easily.  Adding a hyphen would probably make it harder for people to just type a domain name from memory, so I would probably avoid it.

If there is already a company with the domain name and you are thinking of using as your domain name, then think again.  They are too similar and people will always end up on the wrong websites.
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