I'm looking for a way, tool or command line, to mute sound that doesn't come from the focused window.

I'm looking for a way, tool or command line, to mute sound that doesn't come from the focused window.

I have an application that I have to start 4 times. Each window has the same name so I change the Window title to Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.
All these windows make sound (chat) and I can mute them separately in the windows playback mixer or nearly any tool that manages sound levels in Windows 10.

What I am looking for is a way to mute all windows except the one that has focus. The windows cannot be identified by application name because it is 4 times the same.

For a command line this would be an example (switching is done via script because more actions has to be taken care of):
whatevercommand mute Alpha
whatevercommand unmute Beta

The probably best tool would be the one that detects a window title change of the focused window and mutes what isn't focused and only unmute the active one.

I have spend 3 days on the Internet to search for a good solution but can't find one.

Who can help a searching soul?
Thanks in advance
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FilipsFreelancerAuthor Commented:
I have searched again and finally found a solution. Not ideal but working. It is based on a Windows system file called sndvol.exe (which is the Windows sound mixer). It searches control by control to see if the text of the window title matches and set a value.

I include the AutoIT code here for those who are searching too:

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GuiSlider.au3>

Func WinSetVolume($targetTitle, $targetVolume = "toggle")
    Const $localized = "Mute for "
    $currentActive = WinGetHandle("[active]")
    $mixerPid = Run(@SystemDir & "\SndVol.exe -r", "", @SW_HIDE)
    $mixerHandle = WinWaitActive("[CLASS:#32770]")

    $iSlider = 1
    $iButton = 2

    While 1
        $currentButton = ControlGetText("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:" & $iButton & "]")
        If @error Then
            Return 0
        ElseIf $currentButton = "" Then ;this ElseIf prevents infinite loop if no matching $targetTitle
            Return 0
        ElseIf StringInStr($currentButton, $localized & $targetTitle, 1) = 1 Then
            If NOT ($targetVolume == "toggle") Then
                $sliderHandle = ControlGetHandle("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:msctls_trackbar32; INSTANCE:" & $iSlider & "]")
                If IsInt($targetVolume) Then
                    $setVolume = -($targetVolume-100)
                    $setVolume = _GUICtrlSlider_GetPos($sliderHandle)
                If $setVolume < 100 Then
                    _GUICtrlSlider_SetPos($sliderHandle, $setVolume+1)
                    ControlSend("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:msctls_trackbar32; INSTANCE:" & $iSlider & "]", "{UP}")
                    _GUICtrlSlider_SetPos($sliderHandle, $setVolume-1)
                    ControlSend("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:msctls_trackbar32; INSTANCE:" & $iSlider & "]", "{DOWN}")
            If $targetVolume == "toggle" OR $targetVolume == "mute" Then ControlCommand("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:" & $iButton & "]", "SendCommandID", 305)

            Return 1


        $iSlider += 1
        $iButton += 2


I know your looking for command line way. I don't think that is possible.

I suggest giving sound volume view a try. You can mute anything it detects within the 1 window.
FilipsFreelancerAuthor Commented:
Hi joinaunion,

This was a good tip but no joy :(  That is one of the tools I tried and even wrote an e-mail to Nirsoft to ask if this could be done. Tha answer was no. I was a good idea as a new feature thou.

Can you think about something else?

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Sorry. Are these web sites that you want to mute?
FilipsFreelancerAuthor Commented:
No, these are chat applications. I have to start a program, a so called launcher. There you login and start an other program. If you are in the launcher, you can login with another name and start (the same program) again. Result is 2 windows with the same content but different sound.
And that 4 times. The program that is started in the launcher (as the launcher itself) are all .exe files.

Hope this helps a little.
FilipsFreelancerAuthor Commented:
See my last comment
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