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How to use this AutoHotKey code.

Hello Experts, How could i use this Auto Hotkey code (ahk)

	pid := 0
	handle := getHandle(pid,name)
	if (handle = "") {
		return ; handle not found
	command := "C:\Users\Astryd\Risorse\_CircleDocks\handle.exe -p " . pid . " -c " . handle . " -y"
	Run, %comspec% /c %command%,, Hide

getHandle(ByRef pid,name) {
	command := "C:\Users\Astryd\Risorse\_CircleDocks\handle.exe -a " . name
	stdout := runStdout(command)
	needle := "No matching" ;when Handle found nothing return in standard output "No matching handles found."
	IfInString, stdout, %needle%
		return ""
	handle := RegExReplace(stdout, "s).*(...): \\Sessions\\1\\BaseNamedObjects\\_CircleDock_.*", "$1")
	pid := RegExReplace(stdout, "s).*pid: (\d*).*", "$1")
	Return handle

; Run a command and return standard output
runStdout(command) {
    shell := comobjcreate("")
    exec := (shell.exec(comspec " /c " command))
    stdout := exec.stdout.readall()   
    Return stdout

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The question is how to use the posted AutoHotkey code. The selected comment explains exactly how to do that, including reference to an article published at Experts Exchange.