Windows Server 2016 KMS and AVMA license keys question

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I'm just curious as to why the KMS and AVMA License keys have been made public. How many servers can you activate with these keys and why are the keys published publicly. I'm finding it a bit confusing should these keys not be private?
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KMS keys are not public and are specific to an organization who purchases volume licenses. Microsoft can and has deactivated keys that "leak."

Thag should NOT be confused with "Generic Volume License Keys" (GVLKs) which are intentionally public.

When an OS has a GVLK, it will try to check in with a KMS server. The KMS server still has to be a tube with a private key. If someone simply tries to activate an OS with a GVLK without a KMS server it'll fail and the OS will not activate.

Similarly, AVMA works with a valid windows data enter licensed host. If the VM cannot activate against the host, that AVMA key does no good.

So both technologies rely on and have a dependency in a service that is valid and activated with a non-public key.

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