Need a tool that could be used to place new employee on board process documents for a department.

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I would like to develop a new hire onboarding process  for the department I am currently working in.   The department is in still in startup phase even though it has been functioning for about 3 years.  It currently does not have anything in place at the moment to guide employees.   New employees are being thrown into projects and have no idea what is expected of them or what to do.  It is very chaotic and unproductive.  

I have started the process of building documentation and/or training videos or links to videos.  I need a suggestion of a tool that can be used to locate everything with the onboarding process.  Someone suggested developing a Wiki.  I want to know if this is a good suggestion or department portal page?  Something that would quick and easy for the new employee to access.   Suggestions on the developments of a tool would be greatly appreciated?
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