Excel: Import From CSV Inside Zip

What is the most efficient and stable VBA that would import a select .csv file within a zip with multiple files?

* I have a zip file titled: "DataFIles.zip" that contains 4 .csv files titled: "Hello World.csv", "Data1.csv", "Data2.csv", "Data3.xls"
* I have a workbook titled: "ImportTest.xlsm" with a worksheet titled: "ImportCSV"
* The user can enter the file name in cell A1 of the "ImportCSV" sheet.

Assume A1="Hello World.csv"

Question) What VBA would I use to import all data from "Hello World.csv" into B2 of the "ImportCSV" sheet?
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Roy CoxConnect With a Mentor Group Finance ManagerCommented:
This article by Ron de Bruin can be adapted for csv, it demonstrates .xlsx and .txt.

Unzip file(s) with the default Windows zip program (VBA)
Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
Pleased to help. If you need help implementing it then let me know.
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