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New Partitions Appearing on Disk 0 after Windows 10 Update

I recently upgraded Windows 10 to the spring update. Since that time there are two new partitions on Disk 0 (which is an SSD), one very small and active (labelled N), and one even smaller which is empty and unlabelled.  Disk 0 also contains my boot drive (C) which has lots of open space.

I am getting new messages that the N drive on my desktop machine is almost full.  But I don't use it and it appears to contains only three folders: Recycle.BIN, Recovery and System Volume Information.

If I look at Disk 0 through the Windows 10 Disk Management utility the small N drive is referred to as an OEM Partition, the unlabelled area is called an EFI System Partition, and the C drive is referenced as "Boot. Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition".  All three drives are said to be "Healthy" and both the N and C drive are NTFS.

I would like to go back to a single partition on Disk D, or at a minimum, eliminate the "almost full" messages for the N drive.  My inclination is to buy a partition management utility such as EaseUS to do that but I am being cautious given the nature of the problem and the consequences of screwing it up.

I would appreciate any suggestions on what is happening here and what I should do.  Thank you.
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