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Why am I losing the ability to expand Quotes to the Quote Part level when I add Status = "Sent" to the view selection?

When adding a parameter to Lotus Notes view, I lose the ability to expand a quote to the quote part level.  This view used to work and has recently stopped working.  If I use this for View Selection:

SELECT (Form = "Entry1" | @IsResponseDoc & @IsNotMember( Form; "App5" : "Entry14" )) & (QTno < 30000 | QTno > 39999)

I can see a list of quotes with the fields I want and when I click a quote it expands in to the items quoted as well as the quote acknowledgment.

But when I make it:  SELECT (Form = "Entry1" | @IsResponseDoc & @IsNotMember( Form; "App5" : "Entry14" )) & (QTno < 30000 | QTno > 39999) & (Status = "Sent")

I get the right list of quote numbers but I can no longer expand the quotes to see quote line items.

We are currently running Lotus Notes 7, I inherited this system and am expected to maintain even though it is so out of date.    What I am wondering is why can a parameter limit the ability to expand a quote item?

Thank you for any help.
Zach Mann
Zach Mann
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I assume the response docs do not have a field Status, or that none of the Quote items contains a field Status with the value Sent. Probably the field Status only exists in the main document. I'll try to explain the Select in words, it's a tough one: it first selects all documents Entry1 and all their response documents that are not App5 or Entry14; from that selection it takes the documents (main or response!) that have QTno <30000 or >=40000; and from the resulting set it takes the ones with status Sent.

So if a response doc doesn't have a Status Sent, it is not selected.

Thence, I expect you meant to use this SELECT (or a similar one) where the Status field is only checked for the main document:

 SELECT (Form = "Entry1" & Status = "Sent" | @IsResponseDoc & @IsNotMember( Form; "App5" : "Entry14" )) 
     & (QTno < 30000 | QTno > 39999) 

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What I find a little strange is that main and response docs both seem to have a field QTno. But if it used to work like that...
Zach MannApplications Developer/AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, this did it.  Sorry I could not give more detail or explanation but this is a system I inherited and don't have much experience with at all.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
No problem, just ask. :-)
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