pattern for two characters next to each other

I'm using these 2 articles as reference.

What is the regex pattern for the less than symbol proceded with a forward slash </
the forward slash less proceded with the greater than symbol />

Basically I want to allow user to type everything into the text box except when those 2 cases occur.

But if > or < is by itself then that's OK.
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
The less-than, greater-than, and forward-slash symbols are all fine as literals and do no have to be escaped. So the needles are simply "</" and "/>".

Try this AutoHotkey code:

msgbox % foundpos ; should be 4 - needle found
Haystack:="abc< /def"
msgbox % foundpos ; should be 0 - needle not found
msgbox % foundpos ; should be 4 - needle found
Haystack:="abc/ >def"
msgbox % foundpos ; should be 0 - needle not found

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Regards, Joe
maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:

I'm using ASP.NET web forms, C# and Javascript.

For the regex i'm using jquery.

For example, i'm using this regex pattern for Date Format.

            jQuery.validator.addMethod("DateFormat1", function (value, element) {
                // format mm/dd/yyyy
                return this.optional(element) || /\b\d{1,2}[\/]\d{1,2}[\/]\d{4}\b/.test(value);
            }, "Please enter a date in this format MM/DD/YYYY");

The regex pattern i'm using for Date Format MM/DD/YYYY is:

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
What does your last post have to do with the original question? You must have added the second article after you originally posted the question, because the only reference initially was to the AutoHotkey RegEx doc, which is why I responded. I'm not an expert in ASP.NET web forms, C#, or JavaScript. Truth be told, I'm not an expert in RegEx, either, but I know enough to answer your original question, especially within the context of AutoHotkey, as the AHK code that I posted shows. If you want more than what's in your initial question here, I suggest posting a new question. Regards, Joe
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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
Note that a value like:
asdjfklsajdf 4/4/2018 aljdflasjdf

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Would be valid for your date format pattern. If that matters, your pattern for that should probably be:
                return this.optional(element) || /^\d{1,2}[\/]\d{1,2}[\/]\d{4}$/.test(value);

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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
For the actual problem described in your question, I'm not sure whether the same structure of code will do what you need, but this pattern should detect the case you're describing:


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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
If you want the opposite of that pattern ie a pattern that only matches when both those cases are NOT found, then this should work:

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Using [\s\S]* rather than .* will prevent the pattern failing on multiline input, in case you want to accept that.

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maqskywalkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Great examples.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome. Happy to help. Regards, Joe
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