Any program for running offline Windows system repair?

Are there any recovery tools for things like system file check, bootrec, etc. that can be run against offline system drives?  Like for example, rather than going through working on a PC that's having problems that can be fixed by the tools I mentioned, occasionally I'd like the option of pulling the system drive, connecting it to a working PC running Windows 10 and run a program that can do some basic repair.  I've found I've often had to repeatedly going back to a PC I'm trying to perform repairs on and babysitting them during a recovery process.  I'd rather be able to pull the hard drive and perform these basic functions from a repair workstation.  Ideally I'd like something that can specify restore points to go back to and works with as many versions of Windows as possible.  I realize for each version I'd have to have a boot disc of that version available, but that wouldn't be a problem.
StriderHiryuNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Adam LeinssConnect With a Mentor Senior Desktop EngineerCommented:
MS DaRT, but generally that is only available to customers with Microsoft volume licensing.
Girish RTeam Lead, Mobile Solutions, FingentCommented:
Hope this support doc from Microsoft will come in handy for you
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