SharePoint 2016 and Business Intelligence

SharePoint 2016 and Business Intelligence - We are trying to setup a separate farm with SharePoint 2016 with SQL 2014 SP2. We already have a SharePoint 2013 farm with SQL 2014 SP2.  New SP 2016 farm will be a single web server using the same SQL on a separate named instance as of existing SP 2013 farm. I have some questions,

1. I read that SQL 2016 works better with SP 2016, but we have to use our current SQL 2014 SP2 server. Will there be any issues setting SP2016 with SQL 2014 SP2?
2. New SP 2016 farm will be used for BI only. Power Pivot, Power View, Power BI , SSRS etc. Can I achieve this with SQL 2014 SP2?
3. Do I really need to use Kerberos auth? Since I am going to use existing SQL server currently used by SP 2013 farm, Can the same SQL server (different named instance of course) work with NTLM for SP2013 farm and Kerberos for SP2016 farm??
4. Do I really need to have separate server for Office Online Server? (Office web apps-previously called)
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
1. You can stand up a SharePoint 2016 farm using SQL 2014 SP2 no issues.
2. No, you need SQL 2016 for the full feature set
3. Yes. It's a big investment and we decided against it
4. Yes. But it provides great features

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Member_2_4982638Author Commented:
Hi Jamie, Thank you for your response.
Upgrading to SQL 2016 is on the road map for us but not in the near future. I was trying to work with SQL 2014 and see I can bring up SP 2016 BI farm, so I guess that's no no??

 I didn't quite get your response for #3. Were you saying that you didn't go with kerberos? the BI stuff and OOS require kerberos as a mandatory, is that true?
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Hi, regarding number 3, yes it's true we didn't implement Kerberos. Someone in the business did indeed want all these bi features, we had everything but kerberos so they never got what they wanted. Someone high up sees investment in SharePoint as a waste... oops.

For clarity though OOS does not require Kerberos. That's fine without. It was the SQL data being surfaced in SharePoint that required kerberos.
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Member_2_4982638Author Commented:
I am in a tricky situation here, I suggested that we will go with SP 2016 with SQL 2014 SP2 but I guess I didn't do much research before hand that Sp 2016 requires SQL 2016 for BI.
So to conclude, there is no way I can work with SQL 2014 SP2 for BI??? If there are workarounds I am open to try them.

if that's a complete no no, then I will have to recommend stay with Sp2013 and SQL 2014SP2.

Your final thoughts before I close this question...
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
The documentation says no I'm afraid.

Strictly speaking the other thing with SharePoint is it isn't recommended to share the DB with anything else including other SP instances.

Maybe that could be leverage to get SQL 2016 in for this.
Member_2_4982638Author Commented:
Agree with separate SQL server and that's the approach for production BI farm.

Final note, i was going through below article and it is stated that minimum SQL req. is SQL 2014 SP2 and for BI they say we need to install 2016 version of power view, power pivot add-in on SP 2016 server (Second Note under section "Section Minimum requirements for a database server in a farm"). I am tempted to try this combination. Do you think it's worth a try, if anybody have done this???
Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
My reading of this is that the BI components will only work with SQL 2016, even though a working farm without BI could be built on SQL 2014 SP2.
Member_2_4982638Author Commented:
Thank you. We finally decided to stay with SP 2013 and SQL 2014 SP2 for now. When we upgrade to SQL 2016, we might go for SP 2016.
Member_2_4982638Author Commented:
We finally decided to stay with SP 2013 and SQL 2014 SP2 for now. When we upgrade to SQL 2016, we might go for SP 2016.
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