addeventlistener problem

Hi Experts,

I attempt to create draggable Div containers on a page using the following idea:

The div tag has an onmousedown that calls a function assigning an addeventlistener mousemove to the container
The mousemove calls another function that should get the e.pageX, e.pageY of the pointer and change the container top/left with the output (using the mousemove)
But this method only works if you embed the e.pageX, e.pageY events in the listener itself - not if you call it outside the function. Then it only fires every onmousedown and then forget mousemove.

Why is that?
heres the code:
function DragBox(e, Ct){ // this is called from the div onmousedown
	var iBox = document.getElementById('addbox'+Ct); // I need to work with multiple boxes on the page, each with a counter = Ct as identifier

		iBox.addEventListener('mousemove', MoveBox(e, iBox), false);


function MoveBox(e, iBox){

	e = e || window.event;
	var Dx = e.pageX, Dy = e.pageY; = Dx-10; = Dy-10;

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Best regards
Morten B
Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
I don't understand your code - is there more to it?

Usually you have a mousedown, mousemove event.

Here is a simple example
.dragBox {
  position: absolute;
  border: 1px solid blue;
  display: inline-block;

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<div class="dragBoxContainer" style="position: relative; overflow: hidden; height: 500px">
  <div class="dragBox">This is my box</div>
  <div class="dragBox" style="left: 100px">This is my other box</div>

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jQuery to bind to draggables
$(function() {
  // Bind to the plugin

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jQuery Plugin code
(function($) {
  $.fn.dragBox = function() {
    this.each(function(i, e) {
      e.addEventListener('mousedown', dragging);
    return this;
    function dragging(e)
      // Create an object on the document to store the current
      // drag information
      // target: element being dragged
      // event: last mouse event
      document.dragInfo = {
        target: this,
        event: e
      // Setup the workers
      document.addEventListener('mouseup', stopDragging);
      document.addEventListener('mousemove', dragMe);
    function stopDragging(e)
      // Tidy up after ourselves
      document.removeEventListener('mouseup', stopDragging);
      document.removeEventListener('mousemove', dragMe);
      document.dragInfo = null;
    function dragMe(e)
      // Get the current dragInfo out of the document
      var source = this.dragInfo;
      var left = source.event.clientX - e.clientX;
      var top = source.event.clientY - e.clientY;
      // Save the event for the next move
      source.event = e;
      // ensure we don't go outside the bounds (top and left) of the parent
      var newTop = > top ? - top : 0;
      var newLeft = > left ? - left : 0;
    = newTop + 'px'; = newLeft + 'px';

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Working sample here
Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for being with me Julian,

I am out of office till tomorrow, where I will try your suggestion and continue the question.

Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

the example works fine on its own, but when i attempt to implement it in my site it fails.

I append a <div class="dragBox"...></div> to a specified div (id="FloorPlan"<%=Ct%>") using the javascript below:  

function addLocaleNumbers(cX, cY){
	//introduce restraints on Y positions
	cY = Math.round(cY / 10) * 10
	//get position and size of div containing  image
	var imgX = document.getElementById('imgDivX').value
	var imgY = document.getElementById('imgDivY').value
	var imgW = document.getElementById('imgDivW').value
	var imgH = document.getElementById('imgDivH').value
		var x = parseInt(imgX) +parseInt( imgW)
		var y = parseInt(imgY) +parseInt( imgH)
		if(cX >= x){return false}
		if(cX <= imgX){return false}
		if(cY >= y){return false}
		if(cY <= imgY){return false}
	var Ct = document.getElementById('CurrentCt').value;
	var floorDiv = document.getElementById('FloorPlan'+Ct)

	var 	midLine = parseInt(imgY)+parseInt(imgH)/2
	var 	addLineTop
//	alert(midLine)
	var ouMidline
	if(cY <= midLine){ouMidline = -180; addLineTop = -180; }else{ouMidline = 80; addLineTop = 0;}
	//store variables in hidden inputs
		var clicks = document.getElementById('clicks');
		var NoClicks = parseInt(clicks.value)+1
		var posArr = []

	document.getElementById('clicks').value = NoClicks
	document.getElementById('clickArr').value = posArr
	var CClass = document.getElementById('CategoryClass').value;
			var addBox = '\
						<div id="addInfo' + NoClicks + '" class="' + CClass + '" name="addInfo' + NoClicks + '" style="position:absolute; top:' + (imgH-y + ouMidline) + 'px; left:' + (imgW-x) + 'px; height:100px; width:100px; border:thin solid; background-color:#EFFFFF; font-size:8px;text-align:center;" onmouseover="markInfoBox(' + NoClicks + ', 2)" onclick="stopProp(event, this);" >\
						<Div id="InfoClass'+ NoClicks + '" style="font-size:8px; width:90px;">'+ CClass + '</div>\
						<input type="text" id="localeNr'+ NoClicks + '" name="localeNr'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + NoClicks + '" style="font-size:8px; width:16px;" onclick="openItems('+NoClicks+')" onblur="setInfo(' + NoClicks + ')">\
						<input type="text" id="' + CClass + 'Type'+ NoClicks + '" name="' + CClass + 'Type'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + CClass + 'type" style="font-size:8px; width:67px;">\
						<input type="text" id="' + CClass + 'Name'+ NoClicks + '" name="' + CClass + 'Name'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + CClass + 'navn" style="font-size:8px; width:90px;">\
						<input type="text" id="' + CClass + 'User'+ NoClicks + '" name="' + CClass + 'User'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + CClass + 'bruger" style="font-size:8px; width:90px;">\
						<input type="text" id="' + CClass + 'Xpos'+ NoClicks + '" name="' + CClass + 'Xpos'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + cX + '" style="font-size:8px; width:30px;">\
						<input type="text" id="' + CClass + 'Ypos'+ NoClicks + '" name="' + CClass + 'Ypos'+ NoClicks + '" value="' + cY + '" style="font-size:8px; width:30px;">\
						<img src="delete.png" id="delBox' + CClass + '" height="16px" style="position:absolute; top:90%; left:90%; cursor:pointer;" onclick="removeBox(' + NoClicks + ');" >\
						<div id="addLine' + NoClicks + '" name="addLine' + NoClicks + '" style="position:absolute; top:' + (imgH-y + addLineTop) + 'px; left:' + (imgW-x) + 'px; height:180px; width:1px; background-color:#333333;"></div>\
						<div class="add" id="add' + NoClicks + '" name="add' + NoClicks + '" style="position:absolute; top:' + (imgH-y) + 'px; left:' + (imgW-x) + 'px; font-size:8px;text-align:center; border:thin solid; width:16px; cursor:default;" onmouseover="markInfoBox(' + NoClicks + ', 2)" onclick="stopProp(event, this);">' + NoClicks + '</div>\

					var addInputDiv = document.createElement('div'); = 'addbox'+NoClicks;
						addInputDiv.className = 'dragBox'; = 'absolute'; = parseInt(cY) + 'px'; = parseInt(cX) + 'px'; = 1;
						addInputDiv.innerHTML = addBox;


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The dragBox appears correctly but cannot bind to the jQuery from within the Floorplan* div.
ASP/HTML-code here:
<% dim ct, displayed
ct = 0

	do while not rsFloors.EOF
	ct = ct+1
	if ct = 1 then
	displayed = "block"
	displayed = "none"
	end if

        <div id="Del<%=ct%>"  style="position:absolute; top:<%=190+(22*ct)%>px; left:20px; padding:5px; width:400px; height:auto; background-color:#EFFFFF; visibility:hidden; z-index:2;">
        <input type="checkbox" id="delThis<%=ct%>" onClick=" PrepDel(); delPlan(<%=rsFloors("IdFloorPlans")%>);">
        <a href="#" onClick="Displayfloor(<%=ct%>);"><%=rsFloors("FPname")%></a>

        <div id="FloorPlan<%=ct%>" style="position:absolute; top:280px; left:250px; border:thin solid #99EEEE; display:<%=displayed%>;">
        <div style="position:absolute; top:51%; left:0px; height:1px; width:100%; background-color:#99EEEE;"></div>
        <input type="hidden" id="FloorPlanId<%=ct%>" value="<%=rsFloors("idFloorPlans")%>" />

        <p style="position:absolute; top:-230px; left:-242px; font-size:24px;">
        Bygning <%=replace(rsFloors("FPname"), ".jpg", "")%></p>
        <img id="floorImg<%=ct%>" src="<%=rsFloors("FPpath")%>" width="950px" style="cursor:pointer; z-index:1;" onClick="init(<%=ct%>)" />


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I hope this makes sense.

Best Morten
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Julian HansenCommented:
Remember if you create a component dynamically - you will need to bind it to the dragBox() plugin code.

So on line 69 add

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That will bind the new box to the drag code.

My code was provided as a sample on how to do dragging with JavaScript - there are libraries (jQueryUI) that include tried and tested drag and drop code. You might want to look at these as an alternative.

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Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Yess! thank you - it now works like a charm.

You saved my day

Best regards
Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Do you still reward helpful experts with points? - i cant seem to find a way to do that...
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome  (seems you found the points assignment)
Morten BrockhoffSpecial ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I did? by clicking the "best solution" maybe :)
Julian HansenCommented:
Yup and that all worked - there is now the "accepted" green border around my post indicating that a solution has been found and points assigned.
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