Opensource firewalls VS Commercial firewalls

Hi Guys

I am looking for the experts in the security field that could help me with this one.
What would be the pros and cons when it comes to open source firewalls and commercial firewalls?

IE support / costs etc.

What would be the best to use, that would be compatible with Azure VPN Route base and policy based routing for site to site / remote branch connectivity?
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Open source firewalls are often free but commonly rely on user forums (most of which contain many competent, helpful, and knowledgeable members) for support, but the nature of such support is that it isn't generally instant. If everything has gone dark and quiet you may not be able to afford the amount of time that might elapse before someone on the forum comes across your desperate post and helps you sort out the problem.
Commercial firewalls (and their subscriptions), on the other hand, cost a fortune because for that money you get (or should get) immediate support, usually by phone, from people who are highly trained in the product that you have, and if the issue is equipment failure then advance replacement of the kit is available.

Open source firewalls provide a much cheaper (in monetary terms) solution, but the onus for support falls on you, the network/security admin. This approach also results in a highly customised solution that only you are familiar with, which can be, and usually is, a nightmare for whoever takes over when you move on.
Commercial firewalls may well be proprietary in their own way, but it's a propietaryness (is that a word?) that thousands of people are familiar with and trained in - look at all the job adverts for Cisco and Juniper positions.

Most companies, I suspect, pay through their corporate noses for industry-standard solutions because it's safer and because down time and technical issues are kept to a minimum.
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Thanks for the feedback its helpful.
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