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I am new to Azure Cloud Platform and I have below questions. These questions might be very basic questions

Can we have Blob Storage and Azure data lake Store in same environment, meaning do/can clients use Blob Storage and Azure data lake Store at same time or will they have to Pick only 1 store

What is the process of loading the data into Azure environment from on premise SQL instance?  Do we use SSIS or Data Factory to Azure DB then from there to Azure data wherehouse and then to Blob Store or Azure data lake. Is this the right approach?

How is Azure data factory different than SSIS other it being a cloud feature.  I was trying to see the advantages of ADF over SSIS

What is primary advantage of ADLA?
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Have you read through this blog before :

It does answer some of your questions.... And quite possible raise a truckload more :)
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