Convert Office 365 group to distribution group.

In Office 365, is it possible to convert a Office 365 group to a distribution group?  If yes, please advise how.  

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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
I don't think we can convert.  We can pull the list of users in the o365 group, Remove the o365 group and then create the DistributionGroup you need.  connect to o365 via powershell

1.  Let's get all the users from the o365 Group and pipe them to a .csv file
Get-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity 'groupname' -LinkType Members | Select PrimarySmtpaddress, Name | Export-csv 'c:\temp\members.csv'

2. Let's remove the group
Remove-UnifiedGroup -Identity 'groupname' -Force

3. Let's create the DistributionGroup
New-DistributionGroup -Name "groupname" -DisplayName "ThegroupDisplayName" -Alias "thealias" -PrimarySmtpAddress ""

4. Let's populate the group with our .csv file
Import-Csv 'c:\temp\members.csv' | %{Add-DistributionGroupMember "" -Member $_.PrimarySmtpAddress -verbose}
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
No. O365 Groups are very different from distribution groups, as they include the "mailbox" part and the "document library" part. While you can certainly get the membership of a Group and use it to populate the members of a new DG, there is no way to get all the messages and files "converted".
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