After disabling the USB stick thro GPO - Will the USB stick allow to save data- when the laptops are offline


For GDPR we are planning to disable USB through group policy and the staff have the laptops and offline file is enabled. Sometimes they work from outsides to our organisation and once they connect the laptop back to the network, the offline files from the laptop syncs with the file server.

If the laptops are disconnected from the network( Offline) and if the USB is inserted into the laptop, will it allow to open the USB stick and save files on it?
Any help would be great
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
That's because laptop is disconnected (not removed) from domain doesn't mean that policy is not applied,
Domain policy is cashed and has priority over local policy as long as computer is in domain.

There is a time out you can set to force computer refresh information from domain but this will require put password and connect to domain and will not overwrite policy principals.

But you can always logon to local profile (created before laptop was add to domain) as long as you know password, or you can create local profile for situation like this one, then local policy will be applied to local user
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