Skype for Business (SfB) What is the meaning of Hydrating the Server?

I'm having difficulty finding the meaning of 'Hydrating the SfB Server'. Can someone explain or provide a link that explains it?

Anthony K O365Asked:
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Anthony,

Servers get dehydrated just like humans especially when confined to a server room. You have to quench their thirst with water. Get a 5 gallon jug of water and siphon it into the top of the rack every hour until it is no longer dehydrated! ;P Maybe you are referring to this:

In all seriousness, this is the most seldom found word I have seen on the net with regard to Skype for Business or any server for that matter. From what I can gather based on the articles I've read it seems to be a source of distribution/method for deployments in lab scenarios like a faster method to setting up a lab. With regards to Skype it seems to mean populating data. Noted below:

This hydration kit install all servers in the domain, on the network. If you rather use your own domain, IP addresses etc. check out the Next Step - Customizing the Hydration Kit section...
The Hydration Kit concept has been around for a while now, and broadly used in various lab environments, to get started with ConfigMgr.
[Speaking about the Hydration Kit] This will do a complete build out of the entire System Center suite as well as a domain. It's not magic that's for sure but I would love to see someone build out the entire lab faster than this kit does, I will guarantee that it's not even remotely possible.
Hydration Kit for base configuration test labs
The kit allows you to automatically deploy the below list of servers.

Once a server is assigned as a primary server, that server reaches to the back-end database and hydrates the user information (contacts, conference, etc.) for all users assigned to that routing group.
When attempting to fail back a pool, the invoke-csPoolFailback cmdlet may fail with the error, "Failed to complete hydration process after repeated attempts."

I virtually found nothing related to Skype except the last few links above. Given the contextual understanding from above I surmise that its a fast deployment kit for the Skype server implementation (All the servers that make up the deployment: Edge, Front End pools, Office Web Apps, Persistent Chat Server, Reverse proxy & Back-end servers, etc.) for labs. And possibly in failover/failback terms its used to mean populating data.
I hope this helps...its obviously only a best guest!
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
This term mostly involves the Windows Fabric and how High availability and failover works in the Skype/Lync world. You might also only see this term when/while doing a failover between Lync/SkypeFB pools which involves the backend and frontends being hydrated with enough information related to the Users.

Check this link it has good info about hydration of the servers.

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Anthony K O365Author Commented:
Mohammed 'Hit the nail on the head' Excellent input. I'm no longer in the fog!! Thanks again.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Anthony, I glad I could help and thanks for the points!

P.S. I repoened this question so if you wouldn't mind re-closing this question again. You chose my update comment instead of my comment with the answer (https:#a42558449 ). Thanks!
Anthony K O365Author Commented:
Very helpful!
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