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Kenny Placido
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User come up to me this morning and told me that he can access http://server/ReportManager. When you got the webpage, you get the following error
The Attempt to connect to the report server failed. Check your connection information and that the report server is a compatible version

I logged into the server and tried to access the reporting services from SSRS and get the error below:
Unable to connect to the server at Server. The specified URL might not be valid or there might be a problem with the report server version or configuration. Specify a different URL, or contact your server administrator to verify that the report server runs SQL Server 2008 or later. Additionally, if you are trying to connect to a SharePoint-integrated report server, verify that SharePoint is installed on the server and that the report server uses SharePoint integrated mode. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)

I tried the following to fix:
1)      Reboot – didn’t do anything
2)      Restart services – did nothing
3)      Log files showed an error: library!DefaultDomain!5ac!05/04/2018-08:43:12:: e ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportServerDatabaseUnavailableException: , Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportServerDatabaseUnavailableException: The report server cannot open a connection to the report server database. A connection to the database is required for all requests and processing. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "Report_Server" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'Domain\ssrs'.
      a.      I fixed this by using password to XXX123 and it worked. The Error went away but I still can’t get to the page.
4)      After a reboot, I now get this error in the logfile
      a.      ui!ReportManager_0-2!5f4!05/04/2018-08:59:25:: e ERROR: Microsoft.SqlServer.ReportingServices2010.RSConnection2010+MissingEndpointException: The attempt to connect
      to the report server failed.  Check your connection information and that the report server is a compatible version. ---> System.Net.WebException: The request failed with HTTP
      status 404: Not Found.
      b.      I looked up the issues and it mentioned about adding the URL to URLRoot and ReportServerURL in the rsreportserver.config. I made both the changes but still get the same
      error. I changed the rsreporting.config back to its original config.

At this time, I’m stumped on how to fix this. The server does not have IIS so even if i made the changes the rsreporting config, I can not restart the app pool. Not sure what to do.

Windows 2012 R2
SQL 2014
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Sr System Administrator
Was able to fix the issue with the following:

Go to the Reporting Service Configuration Manager
Connect to SSRS server. Check if you are able to connect
Go to Web Service URLè Check the URL available
If URL is not working fine the reconfigure it again by just remove the virtual directory name & give the same name again to refresh the configuration setting.
If your issue still persists then configure your SSRS instance fully with Reporting service configuration Manager

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