Apps blocked for no reason.

I have 2 machines windows 10 pro that suddenly have stopped working?  If you try to open any shortcut on the desktop for internet you get this app  has been blocked by your system administrator.  However, Nothing is blocked I am the system admin and I would have blocked it.  We did import an xml file for IE and We did lock the task bar but that has been turned off.  This is a mystery and now I've discovered that system restore is turned off too.  I'm not sure what's going on here... If anyone has any answers please let me know.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
That error is specific to "software restriction policies" or "applocker" group policies. Given you say you are running pro and not enterprise, that almost guarantees that this is SRP. I've never seen or even heard of a false-positive given the nature of how SRP works and is enforced.

Do apps open for the start menu? You mentioned only shortcuts from the desktop snf the internet. That's a rather eclectic set of failures. May not be a coincidence if IE is your default browser snf you imported an IE xml file.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
System restore is turned off by default on windows 10 so that may be a red herring.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Can't open the start menu at all .  I have no software restriction policies and I turned off the policy.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
That this happened to 2 machines and not one says to me that corruption or coincidence is unlikely. This is group policy or 3rd party blocking.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
I understand but The only think I did 4 days ago with set IE to default with an XML file.  I have about 10 machines and only 2 out of 10 have this problem?  This is the XML
?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Association Identifier=".3g2" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".3gp" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".3gp2" ProgId="WMP11.AssocFile.3G2" ApplicationName="Windows Media Player" />
  <Association Identifier=".3gpp" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".3mf" ProgId="AppXvhc4p7vz4b485xfp46hhk3fq3grkdgjg" ApplicationName="3D Builder" />
  <Association Identifier=".aac" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".adt" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".acrobatsecuritysettings" ProgId="AcroExch.acrobatsecuritysettings" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier="acrobat" ProgId="acrobat" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".adts" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".amr" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".arw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".avi" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".bmp" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".cr2" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".crw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".dib" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".erf" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".fdf" ProgId="AcroExch.FDFDoc" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".flac" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".gif" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".htm" ProgId="htmlfile" ApplicationName="Internet Explorer" />
  <Association Identifier=".html" ProgId="htmlfile" ApplicationName="Internet Explorer" />
  <Association Identifier=".jfif" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".jpe" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".jpeg" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".jpg" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".jxr" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".kdc" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".m2t" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".m2ts" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".m3u" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".m4a" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".m4r" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".m4v" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mkv" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mod" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mov" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".MP2" ProgId="WMP11.AssocFile.MP3" ApplicationName="Windows Media Player" />
  <Association Identifier=".mp3" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".mp4" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mp4v" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mpa" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".mpeg" ProgId="WMP11.AssocFile.mpeg" ApplicationName="Windows Media Player" />
  <Association Identifier=".mpv2" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".mrw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".mts" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".nef" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".nrw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".orf" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".oxps" ProgId="Windows.XPSReachViewer" ApplicationName="XPS Viewer" />
  <Association Identifier=".pdf" ProgId="AcroExch.Document.DC" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".pdfxml" ProgId="AcroExch.pdfxml" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".pdx" ProgId="PDXFileType" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".pef" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".png" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".raf" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".raw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".rw2" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".rwl" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".sr2" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".srw" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".stl" ProgId="AppXvhc4p7vz4b485xfp46hhk3fq3grkdgjg" ApplicationName="3D Builder" />
  <Association Identifier=".tif" ProgId="PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Tiff" ApplicationName="Windows Photo Viewer" />
  <Association Identifier=".tiff" ProgId="PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Tiff" ApplicationName="Windows Photo Viewer" />
  <Association Identifier=".TS" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".TTS" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".txt" ProgId="txtfile" ApplicationName="Notepad" />
  <Association Identifier=".url" ProgId="InternetShortcut" ApplicationName="Internet Browser" />
  <Association Identifier=".wav" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".wdp" ProgId="AppX43hnxtbyyps62jhe9sqpdzxn1790zetc" ApplicationName="Photos" />
  <Association Identifier=".website" ProgId="IE.AssocFile.WEBSITE" ApplicationName="Internet Explorer" />
  <Association Identifier=".wm" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".wma" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".wmv" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".WPL" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier=".xps" ProgId="Windows.XPSReachViewer" ApplicationName="XPS Viewer" />
<Association Identifier=".xdp" ProgId="AcroExch.XDPDoc" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".xfdf" ProgId="AcroExch.XFDFDoc" ApplicationName="Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" />
  <Association Identifier=".xvid" ProgId="AppX6eg8h5sxqq90pv53845wmnbewywdqq5h" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />
  <Association Identifier=".zpl" ProgId="AppXqj98qxeaynz6dv4459ayz6bnqxbyaqcs" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier="bingmaps" ProgId="AppXp9gkwccvk6fa6yyfq3tmsk8ws2nprk1p" ApplicationName="Maps" />
  <Association Identifier="http" ProgId="IE.HTTP" ApplicationName="Internet Explorer" />
  <Association Identifier="https" ProgId="IE.HTTPS" ApplicationName="Internet Explorer" />
  <Association Identifier="mailto" ProgId="AppXydk58wgm44se4b399557yyyj1w7mbmvd" ApplicationName="Mail" />
  <Association Identifier="mswindowsmusic" ProgId="AppXtggqqtcfspt6ks3fjzyfppwc05yxwtwy" ApplicationName="Groove Music" />
  <Association Identifier="mswindowsvideo" ProgId="AppX6w6n4f8xch1s3vzwf3af6bfe88qhxbza" ApplicationName="Movies &amp; TV" />

And this is for the taskbar:
<LayoutModificationTemplate xmlns:defaultlayout="" xmlns:start="" Version="1" xmlns="">
  <LayoutOptions StartTileGroupCellWidth="6" />
      <defaultlayout:StartLayout GroupCellWidth="6">
        <start:Group Name="">
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Internet Explorer.lnk" />
        <start:Group Name="Windows">
          <start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools\computer.lnk" />
          <start:Tile Size="2x2" Column="4" Row="0" AppUserModelID="Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App" />
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Interestingly I'm also seeing License Activation (slui.exe) failed witht he following error code: hr=0xC004F038, and Faulting application LoginUI.exe
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
Now I did a reset everything worked and then it didn't.  I have no policies stopping anything they are disabled.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Everything worked after a reset.. Then stopped working again.

You really only have two possibilities. Something you are installing. Or a policy. It worked after the reset until the program got installed or the policy kicked in. Its the only reasonable possibility at this point.
"I have no policies stopping anything they are disabled." - let's verify that together. Please upload a results file that gets created by
(on an elevated command prompt)
gpresult /h %temp%\results.html

Open in new window

WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
OK I did that and nothing unusual appeared... So because of the time I just re-imaged the machines with this issue. So far so good.

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Ok, no reason found, case closed. Please select your comment as answer to close this question.
WellingtonISAuthor Commented:
We can't find the answer so we just re-imaged.
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