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I have a Microsoft Access process serving database.  I want to have access send an automated e-mail when a record is approaching 30 days or less from the deadline.
Kenneth RungAsked:
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Dale FyeCommented:
The simplest way is to use the SendObject method (docmd.sendObject).  This method will allow you to send a specific report, which is the way I would go, to any recipient by defining several parameters.

You might need to have a form to do this, which would allow you to display a recordset of records which meet your specific date criteria.  Then you would select a single record or loop through each of the records and implement the sendObject method for each item.  When I do this, I create a report that is based upon the form, so that the report only includes information for the currently selected record (you don't want to send all of the reports to each recipient), and uses the email address of the current record to do so.

The down side of this, is that the Outlook Security model will display a warning message for each email you attempt to send using the SendObject method, which can be annoying.  If you are doing lots of these, at a time, you might want to look into purchasing vbMAPI, which allows you to bypass the Outlook Security model and do large batches of these at once.
Dale FyeCommented:
glad I could help.
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