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Hello all,

We need to migrate userprofiles from one domain to another

In the old domain, logonnames are like "olddomain\firstname" the accounts in the new domain needs to be formatted differently "newdomain\user3214234"

I have read some of the info about USMT and SCCM.. most of the guides about migrating to a new domain assusmes that the user will have the same username..

Can someone point me to the information i need to figure this out
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As you do not specify
1. How many users you are about to migrate,
2. If you migrate to new/reinstalled PC's etc
my advice will have to be general..

If you are to migrate thousands of users, you should look into ADMT and maybe "ADmodify" to change user names before ADMT migrating..

IF however you do not have thousands of users and do NOT want to spend a lot of time on understanding ADMT etc,  
I'd seriously consider using User profile Central from EhlerTech.

We migrated a small Domains users (~300) using UPC  
1. Simply backed up their profiles on the old domain, to a network location and moved them over to our domain.
2. Created their new user accounts on our own domain
3. And used UPC to restore the users to their reinstalled PC's

(taking ~20 PC's at a time to keep track.
And PLEASE make a system disk backup of the PC's prior to reinstalling if you want 100% security..)



Thanks all, I will check those options



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