Dfs main folder got renamed automatically to gibberish (on 3 servers)

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DFS - server 2012.  I set up 3 new servers and added them into dfs.  Everything was fine for a few days until the servers got rebooted.  (I assume it was the servers rebooting that did this)

our main dfs folder   E:\Shares\DFS\Source
got renamed to this   E:\Shares\DFS\DFS.6f991b56-b1e6-4ace-9a5d-b09fb3c82417Source
so the dfs path everyone is using is broken.
and also now in E:\Shares\DFS\  there's a shortcut it looks like, called source.  and when I try to open it, it says inaccessible.

I'm not finding anything in the eventlogs other than dfs complaining that the path is no good now.
So what did windows do.  Did it say,  I want to put a source shortcut there, but there's already a folder there named source, so lets rename the folder, and put a source shortcut there?
Is that source shortcut susposed to even exist if the actual folder is already at that location?  I notice our older dfs servers have a C:\DFSRoots folder that contains that shortcut looking icon.  Not on the new servers though, as I directed them to use the location of the main folder.  Could anyone provide some insight?  thanks
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Not a fan of DFS, although I can see the merits.

One thing I've learned over the years, that if something breaks (software-speaking), first thing I ask myself is "Do I have a backup?".

If I don't, then i blame myself for not having one, start backing up data elsewhere and start taking a different route in troubleshooting.

If I do, then I kind of start taking things apart and put them back together.

That's what i would suggest with DFS. Remove it, making sure all the data is there, and reestablish it.
Just to be sure, I am only stipulating that you further examine what is going on, and IF you need to rebuild DFS, please make sure you have current backups and if you don't, make them before going any further.
So it appears that the issue was that I directed the namespace to use the same folder as the replication folder.  Namespace and replication are 2 separate things, and should be in separate folder structures.
Some times, its the little things...



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