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Wordpress moved my site from Xampp to IIS 10, images not loading.

Wordpress I moved my site from Xampp to IIS 10, currently running the server copy as a local version for test it, but my images are not loading. and when I login the redirect back to the page not working as well any idea how to fix this.
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What method did you use to move the site ?
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I just copied the files in htdocs over. Database is still the same, not moving.
Presuming that the images were originally under /htdocs, and that you have a working install of PHP etc on the IIS host, have you checked file permissions ?

This may be of use

When changing platforms, it is usually best to do a clean install of the application to test that it all works as expected before migrating to it.
Maybe your local copy would be looking for the images using the full path  (url) ?

I would rename or delete the .htaccess file in the root folder  (probably htdocs)
and then log in.
then go to settings->permalinks and resave them to create a new .htaccess file
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had to define site on the wp-config file which fixed image loading issue