Wordpress moved my site from Xampp to IIS 10, images not loading.

Wordpress I moved my site from Xampp to IIS 10, currently running the server copy as a local version for test it, but my images are not loading. and when I login the redirect back to the page not working as well any idea how to fix this.
Manoj ChackoAsked:
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What method did you use to move the site ?
Manoj ChackoAuthor Commented:
I just copied the files in htdocs over. Database is still the same, not moving.
Presuming that the images were originally under /htdocs, and that you have a working install of PHP etc on the IIS host, have you checked file permissions ?

This may be of use  https://blog.zaven.co/install-wordpress-iis/

When changing platforms, it is usually best to do a clean install of the application to test that it all works as expected before migrating to it.
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Peter HartCommented:
Maybe your local copy would be looking for the images using the full path  (url) ?

I would rename or delete the .htaccess file in the root folder  (probably htdocs)
and then log in.
then go to settings->permalinks and resave them to create a new .htaccess file
@chilternPC on IIS a .htaccess file is just a file, it does not affect how IIS serves content without a 3rd party module.


Manoj ChackoAuthor Commented:
had to define site on the wp-config file which fixed image loading issue.

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Manoj ChackoAuthor Commented:
had to define site on the wp-config file which fixed image loading issue
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