CSS is all messed up on site

CSS is all messed up on site https://mediastreet.ie/media-news/

Every other page looks fine as in the NAV Bar looks fine, i dont know whats happened?

Can anyone help out?
Jonathan DuaneAsked:
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SwapnilSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Hi Jonathan,

       I have visited your site and it seems css issues are solved however there will be some font issues still exist. The root cause of the issue is your site is hosted on "https" and some of the resources like css, fonts, ico and images are referenced from "http" protocol. So browser shows (blocked:mixed-content) error as part security feature and block non-secure resource from secure site. I have attached screenshot below which shows there are some fonts still referenced from "http" protocol. Looks like css are now referenced from "https" protocol so it resolved the css issues now.

             To resolve the issues if there are any, you can change all the reference resources to "https" protocol.

Thanks and Regards,
Julian HansenCommented:
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