Multiple Failed SSD's

I have 3 JBODs that I use for SOFS, in each JBOD I have 4 SSD's

Over the weekend I rebuilt the storage and thought I was extremely unlucky as 2 SSD's seemed to have failed.

Because of this I put of rebuilding the storage, however I have come do it it again tonight after adding 4 more SSD's so I had 2 hot spares.

I needed to move some of the SSD's into different slots to accommodate sizes etc, however upon rebooting 3 more of the SSD's are now saying they have failed.

What could be causing this, is there any way to troubleshoot the disks? I am having major issues with it as all my Hyper-V hosts are currently running on local blade / rack storage.

ANy help is appreciated, I am tearing my hair out over this!
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Are the SSDs stuck in a Starting state?

Get-VirtualDisk | FL
Get-PhysicalDisk | FL

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It's probably the firmware on the SSDs. BTDT with Seagate 1200 series SAS SSDs that were supposedly Storage Spaces certified. We ended up selling them for pennies on the dollar relative to what we paid for them. :(
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
It's not uncommon for multiple SSDs, all the same model and all installed at the same time, to all fail at once.

SSDs have a finite lifetime limited by the number of writes to each cell.  The number of writes used to be large (100,000+), but then cheaper technologies came along and the number of writes was reduced to around 10,000; on today's flash memory it may be as little as 1,000.  Since each cell holds many disk blocks, it's easy to go through the lifetime of such drives very quickly.

Diagnostic:  Pull each of the SSDs out of the JBOD, attach them to a standard PC (motherboard connector), and run the SSD manufacturer's specific diagnostic to see what condition the SSDs are in.  If the manufacturer's diagnostic says the SSDs are OK, then the problem is likely to be in the JBOD controller.  Not all controllers will play nice with SSDs and if the JBOD controller is continually banging on the SSDs for hidden "overhead" purposes, the controller itself could well be causing the drives to fail.
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
I managed to upgrade the firmware of the disks and format them, finally they were re-added using the san disk CLI.
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