What paint program to use in application

I have retired from programming but now have an issue.  I am turning into a beading fanatic but the software out there is minimal so now I am back to trying to create an application for my own personal use.   There are programs such as EasyBeadPatterns, but it apparently has not been updated in years.  There is another program, but does not really have the features I need.  So, question, what program and/or language would be best to create an application that would automatically paint colors onto a grid?  The grid could change rows and columns (this is a future problem to resolve) and the user (me) would select from a palette (future problem to solve) and using the mouse, apply this color to the grid.  My background is mostly programming databases so this is new territory for me.  Would I need to learn a specific language to accomplish this?  Ok, this is two questions in one, so will start with the first of what paint program would be best to accomplish my goal.
Sandra SmithRetiredAsked:
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
how about using gimp f.e. and pixelate an image? Then any image  can be used as source...
Beads are pixels of a few mm each

Gimp can be scripted.

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Gimp is also open source and has many, many plugins!
I was doing research for another thread, came across this and thought I would throw it in as an FYI (doesn't really apply to this conversation but might be good information to have based on what you are working on) ... https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20180510-00/?p=98725
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Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.  It has been a while since I have done any programming other than VBA-based databases for financial institutions so will have to do some research on the suggestions.  I was thinking it was a paint program that was being used as the user created their own designs on a grid.  There will definitely be more questions as I continue with this project.  

Also, have not used EE in quite a while as well (OK, since retirement) and the interface is different.  Not sure how to assign points or even if that is still an option.
Giving them to NOCI is fine with me. I was backing up what he said with some additional detail.
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
You are being very gracious.  Now, am going to post another question on what language would be the best to learn to program this application.  JAVA, PHP or any other suggestion.  I have not used my VB.NET skills in years and do not even know if that language is still viable!
Sandra SmithRetiredAuthor Commented:
Will have more question, this is only the beginning.
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