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I want to develop super customised desktop application of inventory & stock management and billing solution. so what technology i should use?

I want to develop super customised desktop application of inventory & stock management and billing solution. so what technology i should use?
vaishali kochar
vaishali kochar
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I use QuickBooks for this as it is a ready-made and constantly supported package to do what you want above.
Louise Millercopywriter, a rewriter, an optimizerCommented:
Thanks, its a clever
Yes, the easiest way is to find some existing package but if you decided to do this task (or project) yourself then nothing against it.

First of all you should know the planned data size (number of Items, Customers, Invoices etc.) and then the preferred platform. The data size is not so important in this stage but to know whether it should work on Windows, Linux, Mac or even on mobile or multiplatform is important. Then you may start looking for development tools and database backends.

Desktop will be deprecated soon so all modern applications tend to web UI and users can access it via (almost) any web browser.

Even when you are sure about the desktop you should design the application in several layers (e.g. UI, business logic, data storage) which has an advantage when you decide to change desktop to web UI. In such case the business logic and data storage can remain untouched (theoretically). Also the database backend change shouldn't affect the other tow layers so you may start with a free database and then switch to some paid platform as the application grows.

You are asking in Microsoft Applications zone. Is the Microsoft platform an intention or the only option? If yes then start with .NET Core which is multiplatform and guarantees certain continuity. You may decide between C# and VB.NET and use MS SQL Express as the free database backend.

Just my opinion: Even when MS Access sounds as a good starting point I wouldn't recommend it for professional use. You may start with it quickly but it does not isolate you from future tool/language switch.

Non-Microsoft platforms also offer a bunch of tools. You may look for database platform like Lianja, Xbase++, dBase, ... or you may even start in Java...

I would use Visual FoxPro as the language I know in details but that's not good option for new developers as it becomes obsolete.

Additional option is to search for existing open source packages and accommodate them to your needs. BUT this needs advanced experience in given area and programming language obviously.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In your initial requirements, you listed inventory and stock management, and that would be indeed tricky to build (and time consuming).
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
if you want to develop an app, you could always use MS Access.
vaishali kocharAuthor Commented:
Thank you @pcelba
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