Skype 4 Bus user pics not showing for random people

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We use Skype for Business and it's in the O365 portal.  Our Exchange server is on-prem and our AD is on-prem.  All we use the cloud for is the S4B licenses.

We are noticing that some users don't have pictures and some do.  It's random, and, they use to have pictures.  It's odd and I've been tasked with trying to find out why random users don't have pics.

For the most part, users upload their pics thru OWA and that's worked fine.  

Does anyone know where I would start to troubleshoot this issue?  Do I start in the cloud?  On-prem?  Outlook?  AD?

Just looking for a good starting point from someone who has seen this before.


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Managing profile pictures in Office 365 is a mess unfortunately. This article has a good summary of what happens when:

If you also have SharePoint Online, you might consider this approach:

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