Restarting problem with Toshiba Satellite P870-11j

Good afternoon or morning,
Returning, once after a 15 day in February 2018 trip and a second time after a 4 weeks trip up to end of April, I tried to start my Toshiba Satellite P870-11J.
it just booted (audible click) the CD drive and started the ventilator and then nothing : black screen and the ventilator re-starting, surging, humming, stopping and so on. Slight heating about where the power entry is and no audible harddisk activity.
Checking on Internet on similar problems (from my wife's computer) I found some comments indicating what amounts to "Black magic" for me : Unplug all connexions, including power, remove battery pack, press the on/off button for about 30'' to 1 minute, reconnect the power connexion and put the battery pack back and restart. I did that and had to do it many times including letting the computer rest - unconnected - for 12-24 hours. Finally it started again. (None of the comments ever explained WHY this incident occurs).
Yesterday, i had a very lengthy and heavy update upload from Windows when closing the computer. On start-up : dead again. "Black magic" again + 1 night unconnected and it started again.
Maybe important note : I usually use the "sleep" mode when stopping using the computer, booting rather rarely. Before yesterday I did stop completely and booted completely even after the two occurrences mentionned above, without problems those times.

Of course, I know, I know, my Toshiba is probably considered as very obsolete, but, appart from the incidents describes above, it works well and has no other problems. By the way, I am running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition, 6.1, SP 1. I have 565 Go free space on the harddisk and  I defrag regularly and clean up regularly with CClean.
My question :
Is there  rational, scientific explanation to this kind of problem and, above all, a less "Black magic" way of resolving, even better, preventing it ... of course outside the purchase of a new computer !
Many thanks for your advice !
Sincerely Yours,
Richard Anderegg
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Of course, I know, I know, my Toshiba is probably considered as very obsolete

Power surges or effects from using 220 Volts on a very old machine.  It should have a dual voltage adapter but the voltage changes in old equipment have caused an issue.

Finally it started again.

If you can reliably shut down and start up, then it was probably something like the above.

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take the battery out of the laptop and unplug the power cable. Hold the power button down for a few seconds while cable and battery out.
plug the power lead back in while leaving the battery unplugged, see if anything good happens
newbyeAuthor Commented:
Thank you, John and SoHandy,
I wonder, reading the answer of John, if a new transformer could solve the problem as the 220 Volts are modified into low voltage in this separate device, which, actually, has been pluged in since the very first day of use of my computer, so 6 years non stop ?
Kind regards,
Richard Anderegg
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You could try a new AC adapter and see if that helps
newbyeAuthor Commented:
The power surge explanation seems the most logical explanation.
I will thus buy a new AC adapter and see if these starting problems will cease.

The explanations of SoHandy, coming from an expert, confirmed that the problem does exist and the way to restart de laptop (as I explained in my question) but did not bring a new solution to my problem, this is why I consider the answer of John more helpful.

As soon as I will be convinced my problem is solved with the new AC adapter, I will add a comment to this exchange. It will necessarily take some time though.

Again, thanks very much to both for their quick answers !

Kind regards
Richard Anderegg
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
No bother Richard all good man
newbyeAuthor Commented:
Hello again John and SoHandy,
I wanted to keep you informed on my "adventures" with my Toshiba.
The solutions you proposed worked for a while and then, about 2-3 weeks ago, my computer gave its last breath and never came back to life.
My local computer firm (Prodimex, Geneva) explained to me that, actually, le Mothercard was out. As Toshiba did not support that Series anymore, I could try to find a second hand Mothercard on the Net but chances were that it would be just postponing the problem. Besides, opening that Toshiba is problematic : I tried, but could not completely open the back cover without risking dammaging something.
Thus, I had to buy a new computer and, as Toshiba abandonned the Swiss market, I had to settle for an Asus VivoBook 17 equipped with Windows 10. Clearly more cumbersome, more intrusive, more of a head ake source than Windows 7. I expect a difficilt adaptation period, full of looking for and shutting backdoors, triying to transfer my prefered softs (failed on Adobe, success with Office 10), and so on.
Well that's life in this very fast computer world !
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, I send my best regards.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Best wishes to you as well.
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